Tin Sheds Gallery

Group Exhibition

Garden at the End of Time

These artist works explore the garden as a politically and culturally charged site. Within the walls of the gallery, the garden becomes construed as a place where meaning is not only reflected but also constantly cultivated, and negotiated— an ever-evolving ecosystem rather than an ossified microcosm.

While the garden is often tied to its Edenic ‘beginning’, anthropologist Natasha Myers suggests how contemporary gardens increasingly respond to a sense of the end. In our time of climate catastrophe and late stage capitalism, she describes how gardens “throw us into the world, induce anxiety, and get us very interested in the urgency of life and death at the cusp of collapse on a damaged planet.”

Propelled by this urgency, Garden asks what radical ideas stir and grow in the garden today?

With: Gabriella Hirst, Garry Trinh, Jamie North, Katie West, Katie Paterson and Thea Perkins Curated by Anna-May Kirk & Tai Mitsuji.

6 June—19 July

Tin Sheds Gallery

Wilkinson Building (G04), School of Architecture, Design and Planning, 148 City Road, Darlington NSW 2008, Australia