Holmes à Court Gallery at Vasse Felix is currently open with social distancing and hygiene measures in place. The exhibition FIBRE is also available to view online here.

FIBRE travels South for a further unwrapping, unrolling and unfolding of fibre artworks from the Janet Holmes à Court collection, together with works from local artists.

FIBRE features stitched, threaded, strung, rubbed, ripped, folded and pressed Fibre art. From luminous to opaque, delicate to robust, the works speak of processes of material manipulation and ritualistic gestures of repetitive stitching and rubbing. Everyday clothing is stitched and sculpted anew; forms of nature are enveloped; objects are crafted of fibrous textures of bark and grasses; human hair is shaped and strung together and; native flora and fauna are pictured and sculpted of and on fibres, or have fibres running through them.

Artists: Lindsay Mpetyane Bird, Tingapa Davies, Mark Dustin, Olga Cironis, Marjorie Coleman, Sujora Conrad, Carmela Corvaia, Angela Ferolla, Jean Hoijo, Emily Kame Kngwarreye, Holly Story, Lesley Parker, John Parkes, Susan Roux, Nalda Searles, Helen Seiver, Curtis Taylor, Debra West

1 Jun - 20 Sep