Wollongong Art Gallery

Group Exhibition

Ante/Anti/Post: Here + Now IV

Emerging Dharawal-based artists address the ongoing impacts of colonialism. This includes but is not limited to the state’s various systems of violence against Bla(c) k, queer, non-white, and other minoritised ways of being. Also, violence against land, non-human life, and viable futures.

Artists Monisha Kumar, Angry Girl, Stephanie Beaupark, Monty Hancock, Chip, Matthew Grayson and Sarah Carr grapple with this ‘here and now’ and imagine worlds otherwise.

Curated by Alinta Maguire and Aneshka Mora.

2 March—26 May

Wollongong Art Gallery

Kembla St & Burelli St, Wollongong NSW 2500