Exercising the funny muscle


OSLO DAVIS: In mid-2020, when I was faced with the prospect of little or no paid work coming in, I had to do something. My Postcard Project, a mercifully Covid-free, direct-mail, original art project, in many ways saved me. I drew more than 300 postcards—some pretty, some wacky— and sent them out to friends and strangers who ordered them online, potluck style: you got what you were given. It helped pay the rent and kept my hands moving. But more than that, it activated my funny brain muscle.

Absurdity and nonsense both have that unique power to disarm and tickle a viewer, if only for a microsecond. During recent dour times this tickle became a panacea—well, it was for me at least, but also hopefully for all the good folk who took a punt not knowing what the hell they would get in their letterbox. Here’s a few of them.

Feature Words by Oslo Davis