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Chris Bond



Jesse Marlow



A fastidious approach to organisation has made the most of a compact working space. Similarly, Chris Bond keeps regimented workdays when in his home studio, completing precise and exacting works to the tune of black metal.

Interview by Toby Fehily. Photography by Jesse Marlow.

Chris: “I have an odd sort of studio, a tiny room in the middle of my house. There are only one or two square metres of space I can actually walk in, the rest is taken up by shelves, desks and equipment.

Because it’s so small, it has to be organised. I have CDs arranged by theme, paint arranged by colour and brushes arranged by size and type of brush hair. It’s all about ease of use and helps me feel in control.

I keep business hours there. If I’m organised enough, I’ll have a whole day of painting planned out. Because of the nature of the work, I can’t really start something and then stop; for blending or merging layers, I’ll need at least a couple of hours straight. This usually means I only take a short lunch break in the middle. By the end of the day, even though I haven’t done anything physically demanding, I’m exhausted.


My passion for black metal drives my work. It’s an odd style of music to listen to while painting, as my work is neat and meticulous and by no means chaotic or aggressive. But beneath the surface of black metal, there are organised musical structures that I use to establish a working rhythm. Strangely, it seems to fit with my practice. Sometimes it seeps into my work thematically.

– May 2014

Jesse Marlow

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