Castlemaine Art Museum to remain open


Two private donors have stepped forward to pledge money to ensure Castlemaine Art Museum will remain open to the public.

In a statement released by Sotheby’s Australia, who are acting on behalf of one of the donors, it has been confirmed that the money will support the Museum’s operating costs, together with the removal of the current admission fee, and ensure that the public has free access to the Museum.

The local couple, who wish to remain anonymous, said in a statement that they wanted to secure Castlemaine Art Museum’s long-term future, assist in raising its national profile and make it a ‘must visit’ destination.

“We see this donation as an opportunity to secure the Museum’s long-term future and develop it as one of the premium provincial museums in Australia. Our initial donation of $250,000 over two years will be supplemented by further donations to support exhibitions during this time. Our commitment of financial support beyond 2019 will depend on the level of support and engagement from the community as a whole and Mount Alexander Shire Council in particular.”

A further donation was also made by Melissa Macfarlane, on behalf of the late Donald Macfarlane, who considered Castlemaine to be his “favourite gallery”. The Macfarlane Fund will donate $50,000 to support the renewal of the Museum and support the community consultation, audience research and brand development.

News Words by Kim Butterworth