Blue, sometimes used to signify water and aspects of the ether – wind, smoke, clouds, night skies – has recently become a more familiar colour in the work of many Aboriginal artists. On the dry Australian continent blue holds the promise of coolness and moisture, the chance for life to recover and regenerate. It is a colour that sits around the earth rather than on it, in contrast to the deep orange oxide of the land. Blue is a contrast in the paintings as well, freed briefly from the palette of earth pigments that raises the dominant voice of the land. Blue is a respite from the known physical world of the desert. It brings some mystery in the artists ’ world, while the iconography of ancestral creation stories on their canvases maintains traditional ties. The exhibition consists of works from 17 major artists from a variety of communities and regions.

9 Feb - 10 Mar

Japingka Gallery

47 High Street Fremantle WA 6160