Curated by Western Sydney artist, David Capra, Sheer Fantasy suspends time to confront the role of the fantastical and how it plays within our collective conscious. In this exhibition, the world as we know it bends and shifts, making room to indulge in our greatest fantasies.

The exhibition includes a number of newly commissioned works, where artists have contemplated private and internal landscapes that have long influenced their practice. Manifested in bold architectural additions to the gallery spaces, these backdrops provide an immersive experience of constructed escapisms that are strangely familiar; referencing movie sets of Hollywood Westerns, candy-coloured theme parks and fanciful theatrics. Nostalgic tropes surrounding the notion of make-believe are questioned, loosened and pulled apart, allowing the imagination to run free.

Participating artists are: Mark Shorter, Polly Borland, Archie Moore, Michael Parekowhai, Raquel Caballero, Pat Larter, Terri Bowden, Javier Lara-Gomez, Kim Novak, The UFO & Paranormal Research Society of Australia, Esme Timbery, William Wegman and 1000 BCE.