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Inside Our November/December 2023 Issue

With our latest cover artist Maria Kozic painting the fantasy of feminine perfection alongside the reality of violence, our November/December issue chronicles an Australian summer in which many women artists are having striking, absorbing showings. We have five women artists—Juz Kitson, Louise Weaver, Nadia Hernández, Natalya Hughes and Prudence Flint—writing on Louise Bourgeois, plus we profile Tacita Dean, Betty Muffler and Sundari Carmody.

We step inside Kirtika Kain’s home studio in Western Sydney, and further reflect on how fairy tales, through artists like Kiki Smith and Tracey Moffatt, offer radical forms of female transgression. Read our long-form interview with Mike Parr, catch up with Lisa Gorman, and laugh (to keep from crying) as Oslo Davis illustrates the compromises of being an artist during a cost of living crisis.

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