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Western Sydney University, Margot Hardy Gallery

The Margot Hardy Gallery is located within the Foyer of Building 23 at the Western Sydney University Bankstown Campus.

It was formally established in April 2000, in honour of the first Masters student in the Visual Arts program at Western Sydney University (Macarthur), Margot Hardy. The gallery contains 21 metres of hanging space.

The primary goal of the gallery is to provide an exhibition venue for the University and wider community to view artworks which have been created by primary and secondary students, artists and community groups who reside within the Western Sydney region.

Western Sydney University, Margot Hardy Gallery

Building 23, Western Sydney University (Bankstown Campus), Bullecourt Avenue Milperra NSW 2214

02 4620 3450

Mon to Fri 9am – 5pm.

Western Sydney University, Margot Hardy Gallery

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