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Urban Cow Studio

Urban Cow Studio has been a mecca for artists and art lovers for the past two decades. Currently displaying artwork from over 150 South Australian artists and designers it is a virtual feast for the senses with a new surprise around every corner.

The downstairs room is filled to the brim with designer jewellery, handmade ceramics and glassware, paintings, illustration, sculpture, textiles, tshirts and hoodies (home of the infamous South Australian “Heaps Good” t-shirts). There are changing exhibitions of artwork from local South Australian artists and designers in the upstairs gallery, with an opening night on the first Wednesday of every month.

Urban Cow Studio

11 Frome Stret Adelaide SA 5000

08 8232 6126

Mon to Thur 9am – 6pm, Fri 9am – 9pm, Sat 10am – 5pm, Sun 12pm – 5pm.

Urban Cow Studio

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