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Canberra Contemporary Art Space CCAS Gorman House

CCAS is one of a national network of contemporary arts organisations (CAOs) that can be seen as centres of innovation, testing new ideas and directions for the contemporary visual arts. The CCAS program of exhibitions, performances, artists’ talks, public programs and publications generates an environment in which artists can produce work of the highest quality in the context of current national and international practice. CCAS exhibitions and related public programs run over three spaces at Gorman Art Centre in Braddon, CCAS Manuka and CCAS City.

Canberra Contemporary Art Space CCAS Gorman House

Ainslie Avenue Braddon ACT 2608

02 6247 0188

Tues to Fri 11am - 5pm, Sat 10am - 4pm

Canberra Contemporary Art Space CCAS Gorman House

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