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Andrew Baker Art Dealer

Established in 2000, Andrew Baker Art Dealer exhibits and sells paintings, photographs, sculptures and multi-media works by leading contemporary Australian, Melanesian and Polynesian artists. Known for the exceptionally wide range of its offerings, this gallery is a great place to discover art resonating with humanistic values.

The gallery represents many established Australian contemporary artists, including: Lincoln Austin, Leonard Brown, Ian Friend, Rew Hanks, Michael Leunig, Katarina Vesterberg and William Yang. Also featured are prominent urban Indigenous artists Michael Cook, Karla Dickens and Fiona Foley, who are notable for exploring a range of colonial and post-colonial issues. The gallery’s offerings are invigorated by up-and-coming artists Anna Carey, Pamela See (Xue Mei-Ling), Teo Treloar and Kenji Uranishi.

Andrew Baker Art Dealer has a well-earned reputation as the country’s leading commercial supporter of contemporary Oceanic art, representing numerous Melanesian artists, including: Taloi Havini from Bougainville, legendary PNG sculptor Ruki Fame, many of the renowned Ömie artists from PNG’s Oro Province and the dynamic ‘Awis Artis’ collective from the Mataso community of Vanuatu. Polynesian artistic sage Michel Tuffery is also a gallery favourite.

Andrew Baker Art Dealer

26 Brookes Street Bowen Hills QLD 4006

07 3252 2292

Wednesday to Saturday, 10am – 5pm or by appointment.

Andrew Baker Art Dealer

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