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AIRSpace Projects Inc.

AIRspace Projects Inc. is a not-for-profit artist-run initiative in Marrickville, Sydney. The project space was initiated and run by Sally Clarke, artist and former College of Fine Arts, UNSW, lecturer and Brenda Factor, artist and former director of Squarepeg from 2014-2017. Since late 2017 it was incorporated and is currently run by 12 committee members. It was voted as one of the best ARI by TimeOut Sydney in 2017.

The building consists of four exhibition spaces, a flag space on the front wall called FLAGspace, an outdoor residency project space in a warehouse environment. In the basement area, the building houses the smallest museum in Sydney, AIRseum. The basement also provides a facility for classes, workshops or seminars

AIRspace Projects’ programs have a focus on cross-cultural, inter-generational and cross-disciplinary practice. It is dedicated to exhibition and curatorial ideas from both emerging and established local, national and international practitioners who make ambitious, inspiring and inventive contributions to art processes and discourses. AIRspace Projects will run parallel events and performances as a way of bringing together a number of practices and discourses at any one time.

AIRSpace Projects Inc.

10 Junction Street Marrickville NSW 2204

First 3 weeks of the Month opening: Friday 11am-6pm, Saturday, Sunday 11am-5pm.

AIRSpace Projects Inc.

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