Wuliwulawala Dharawal Women Sharing Stories

Wuliwulawala (women) celebrates the resilience and creativity of First Nations women in the Dharawal nation of southern Sydney. Featuring historical content, interviews and contemporary art this exhibition focusses on the importance of sharing stories, knowledge and oral histories across generations, while recognising the perspectives of women connected to our local and national history.

Artists include: Esme Timbery, Marilyn Russell, Phyllis Stewart, Suzanne Stewart, Deanna Schreiber, Annette Webb, Caitlin Trindall, Amy Hill, Dolly Brown, Gemma Brown, Julie Freeman, Markeeta Freeman, Tracie McNally, Merindah Funnell, Kerry Toomey and Strong Sisters: Aboriginal girls from Endeavour Sports High.

17 Apr - 14 Jun