Platform Arts

Group Exhibition


Worlding is an exhibition that explores a mobile and ongoing understanding of how artist’s partake in the building, designing, and organizing of a personal world through their art practice. It traverses a shift from a being to a doing, and in this sense the term world takes on a less literal definition, encompassing ‘a[n]… ensemble of practices, involvements, relations, capacities, tendencies, and affordances’ that look to explore selfhood, agency, identity, politics, myth and fiction, and institutional constructs.

Opening event, Saturday 8 June, 4–6pm.


With: Brook Andrew, Batia Suter, Madison Bycroft, Patrick Pound, Kieren Seymour, Julie Davies, Daniel Crooks, Si Yi Shen, Tarryn Love, and the estates of Stano Filko, Alex Rizkalla, and Katthy Cavaliere through the AGNSW Artist Archives.

8 June—19 July

Platform Arts

60 Little Malop St, Geelong VIC 3220, Australia