Group Exhibition

WILDER TIMES: Arthur Boyd and the mid-1980s landscape

In 1984 Arthur Boyd was commissioned to create a series of Shoalhaven landscape paintings for the new Arts Centre Melbourne. This exhibition sees the return of these works to Bundanon for the first time since their creation.

Wilder Times also brings together over 60 works by seminal Australian artists from the same time Boyd created this momentous body of work. The exhibition provides a window into a period of cultural dynamism in Australia, when ideas of landscape, land ownership and environmental protection were actively interrogated.

Featuring David Aspden, Arthur Boyd, Mac Betts, Vivienne Binns, Brian Blanchflower, Mike Brown, Arthur & Corinne Cantrill, Judy Cassab, Bob Clutterbuck, Liz Coats, Bonita Ely, Gerrit Fokkema, Helen Grace, Robert Jacks, Tim Johnson, Robert Macpherson, Susan Norrie, John Peart, Toni Robertson, Howard Taylor, Rover Joolama Thomas, Imants Tillers, Timmy Payangu Tjapangati, Richard Woldendorp, and Women of Utopia.

6 July—13 October


170 Riversdale Road, Illaroo NSW, Australia