Waste 2 Art Coonamble

Waste 2 Art provides an innovative approach to waste education. Outback Arts and Coonamble Shire Council are inviting individuals, schools, and community groups to take up the challenge and create a new life for materials that would otherwise have been thrown away or considered useless. Over the years many materials have been used. Items like soft plastics, tin cans, bottle tops, plastic bags, parts from rusty farm machinery, scrap metal, bread tags – the options are limitless. Instead of ending up in landfill, these waste materials can be turned into fantastic works of art.

This competition gives aspiring and professional artists the chance to explore and share their waste reduction message. It also provides a wonderful opportunity for the entire Coonamble Shire Council community to showcase their creativity.

Opening event: 2 March.

21 March—19 April

Outback Arts Gallery

26 Castlereagh Street, Coonamble NSW 2829, Australia