Wansolwara: One Salt Water

Exhibited across both 4A (17 January– 29 March) and UNSW Galleries (17 January–18 April).

Exhibiting artists at 4A: Terry Faleono, Rebecca Ann Hobbs, Paula Schaafhausen and Vaimaila Urale.

A series of exhibitions, performances and events from across the Pacific and throughout the Great Ocean. Wansolwara – a pidgin word from the Solomon Islands meaning ‘one-salt-water’ or ‘one ocean, one people’ – reflects not a single ocean, but rather a connected waterscape that holds distinct and diverse cultures and communities. Through art, performance and conversation, the project celebrates the depth and diversity of contemporary visual and material culture throughout these regions, placing customary practices alongside contemporary articulations in art, writing and the moving image.

17 Jan - 29 Mar

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

181 Hay Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia