Vipoo Srivalasa: COVID superheroes

What does a COVID-19 superhero look like? Thai-born Melbourne-based artist, curator and arts activist Vipoo Srivilasa has created a collection of superheroes inspired by the dreams of people in the Ballarat community. Each superhero has a special power to fight off COVID-19.

Srivilasa works predominantly in porcelain but also creates work on paper, mix media sculptures, bronze statues and designs large scale public art. From time to time he incorporates food and interactive performance into his ceramic projects.

His work is a playful blend of European historical figurines and Asian decorative art practices with a healthy dose of contemporary culture… often exploring cross-cultural and migration experiences.

This project is a collaboration between the Art Gallery of Ballarat and the City of Ballarat’s Creative City team.

13 Feb - 11 Apr

Art Gallery of Ballarat

40 Lydiard Street North Ballarat VIC 3350