Mayu Kanamori, Chie Muraoka and Sandy Edwards

Presented by OzAsia Festival.

When visiting a flea market on the outskirts of Daylesford, Victoria in 2015, Japanese Australian artist Mayu Kanamori stumbled upon an intriguing mystery. Inside a pile of bulky envelopes, she discovered a collection of over 300 beautiful handprinted family photographs taken during Japan’s Showa period (1926 through 1989). Who were the people in the photographs? And who did they belong to? An evolving and interactive exhibition aimed at reuniting the photos with their rightful owner, Untitled.Showa is a revealing window into the universality of love, memory and photography. Featuring video archives, music by Satsuki Odamura  and a performance video work by Yumi Umiumare, audiences are invited to participate in the search via onsite records and help unravel the mystery of this unfolding contemporary story.

21 Oct - 7 Nov

Nexus Arts Gallery

Nexus Arts, North Terrace, Adelaide SA, Australia