Ultra Unreal

New myths for new worlds

Club Ate (Sydney), Korakrit Arunanondchai and Alex Gvojic (Bangkok & New York), Lawrence Lek (London), Lu Yang (Shanghai) and Saeborg (Tokyo)

Ultra Unreal reflects on the relevance of mythmaking today and its role in navigating complex realities and creating new worlds. Drawing inspiration from Ning Ken’s theory of the ultra-unreal, the exhibition examines how mythologies can be used to reveal hidden histories and reorientate visions of the future. Ultra Unreal features the works of six artists and collectives whose worldbuilding practices are connected to nightlife ecosystems across the globe. Curated by MCA Curator Anna Davis, the exhibition includes immersive installations, digital environments, costumes, sets and inflatables, alongside performances, film screenings and artist-led events.

22 Jul - 2 Oct