PHOTO 2022

Ugly/Beautiful is an exhibition of photographic work by Melbourne artist Mark Smith; it presents a space for beauty and ugliness to coalesce. Exploring identity, difference and faith, the artwork aims to express feelings of joy; says Smith “This is me! Take it or leave it!” yet, the viewer’s experience is more confronting, with imagery depicting digital collages of body parts lurching outwards prompting feelings of disconnectedness, discomfort and unease. “After my accident, I was told I’d never walk again. I proved them wrong. I consider limitations imposed on me as motivation to fuel my determination tocreate and succeed. My greater intention is to break down preconceived understandings of disability. My life’s experiences are an inspiration for my artworks.” — Mark Smith, 2021.

29 Apr - 12 Jun

Arts Project Australia

Collingwood Yards, Johnston Street, Collingwood VIC, Australia