Lon Gallery

Tia Ansell


LON Gallery is currently open with social distancing and hygiene measures in place. The exhibition Twins is also available to view online here.

LON Gallery is excited to present a solo exhibition by New Zealand born and Melbourne based artist Tia Ansell. Twins presents a new body of intricately patterned weaving-paintings which reference the grids and geometries in our urban landscapes. Through a coding system, Ansell translates the gridation and light patterns of her surroundings into weaves produced on her shuttle loom. The constraints of the weave regulate the design possibilities and organise space. Influenced by the art movements of Constructivism and Bauhaus, her practice is interested in the geometries of mass production afforded by industrialisation. As such, Ansell investigates the history of formalism and object-hood as it connects through visual art, architectural and design discourses.

10 Jun - 4 Jul

Lon Gallery

21 Easey Street, Collingwood VIC, Australia