TRUE LIES (and alibis)

Trawlwoolway artist Julie Gough has exhibited widely across Australia and internationally. For TRUE LIES (and alibis) she presents a multi-layered installation focussing on Tasmanian Aboriginal children taken by colonists in the early 1800s, including her ancestor Dalrymple Briggs, who lived with a colonial surgeon and his wife as a child. Gough’s installation explores the experience of her ancestor and other Aboriginal contemporaries through video, a series of posters originally presented in the forest of the Queens Domain, Hobart, and new work developed for this exhibition, an evidence wall unpacking colonial actions against her people.

As awareness emerges nationally that history has more than one side, that assumed truths are due for re-evaluation, this exhibition discloses historic crimes that continue to resonate for First Peoples.

Opening 16 July, 6.30pm online.

16 Jul - 30 Aug