To resound, unbound

Hannah Bront., Hootan Heydari, Callum McGrath, Anne Moffatt, Sara Oscar, Sanja Pahoki, Jessica Schwientek and Emmaline Zanelli.

Consider the artist as a surface, possibly solid and flat like marble, or soft and rippled like foam, perhaps a combination of both. All surfaces resound or echo in some way, either forcibly reiterating, softening and distorting, or if the surface allows there can be total absorption. To resound, unbound explores the possibility of this resounding, where the surface of the artist can explore and adapt that which projects towards them. Specifically, themes surrounding inherited knowledge, identity, expectations, societal structures and narratives will see artists choose the way in which these themes resound, how they unbind themselves and adapt with the artist’s personalised perspective.

24 Apr - 20 Jun