TJILPI – APY Senior Men

Alec Baker, Taylor Cooper, Stanley Douglas, Witjiti George, Kunmanara (Ray) Ken, Peter Mungkuri, Mick Wikilyiri

Alcaston Gallery is proud to present paintings by important Tjilpi (senior men) from the APY Lands in South Australia: PETER MUNGKURI and ALEC BAKER from Iwantja Arts; MICK WIKILYIRI, STANLEY DOUGLAS and KUNMANARA (RAY) KEN from Tjala Arts; and WITJITI GEORGE and TAYLOR COOPER from Kaltjiti Arts.

TJILPI – APY Senior Men are highly respected for their profound cultural knowledge that is reflected in their practice, as each artist creates a distinct visual language to portray their beloved landscape, their personal lived experience and deep connection to country and culture.

Each artist possesses a unique style and diverse palette inspired by the APY landscape and history that showcases their individual artistic virtuosity and rich cultural heritage. Yet there is an unmistakable sense interconnectedness of art and spirit, as the senior men strive to keep their history and country alive by passing on cultural practice and knowledge to the younger Anangu generations.This important exhibition of sophisticated and contemporary works by APY senior men reflects a powerful presence of collective spirit of art, integrity, people and place.

29 Jan - 22 Feb

Alcaston Gallery

11 Brunswick Street Fitzroy VIC 3065