This searing light, filtered for shadows

Daniel Boyd, Richard Frater, Maria Loboda, Nova Milne, Joshua Petherick, Meg Porteous and Justine Varga.

This searing light, filtered for shadows investigates how art can act as a filter, filtering our perception via conceptual and material considerations, revealing (light) or concealing (shadow) — the corporeal elements that help to formulate our understanding or create the composition of a work of art. There is also a speculative system, an intangible filter that is spectrally present, yet physically absent. This latter form is metaphorically closer to the Great Filter, a provisional name for a solution to the Fermi Paradox: the question of “where is everyone?”—in the cosmic sense. The Great Filter is a system we acknowledge is there, but of which we know nothing, except that it radically reduces (or filters) all that lies before it. Some artworks are representative of this speculative filter, the unnameable otherness that filters within art—though not just for reductive reasons. This exhibition will ask: Do they speak for it, for the filter? Or do they represent it? Curated by Jack Willet.

11 Sep - 31 Oct