Shoufay Derz

The Face of the Deep

Derz’s practice, through photography, sculpture and video installation, investigates the limits and possibilities of language, and the ambiguities faced when attempting to visually articulate the unknown. Informed by contemporary framings of the sublime, cultural heritage, and memorialization, her work looks at the creative tension that is created by the dialogue between materiality and absence. Just as the writer uses words to express the ineffable, her practice engages the intersections between known and unknown worlds. The resultant, elegiac artworks are simultaneously a lament on the transience of life, and a celebration of its mystery. Elemental and alchemical, her works harness diverse materials including the life-cycle of silk moths, glass, metals, textiles, eucalyptus, ink and pure indigo pigment. 

3 Jul - 28 Jul


39 Rundle Street Kent Town SA 5067