The Body Electric

The Body Electric presents the work of women-identifying artists on the subjects of sex, pleasure and desire. The exhibition features key works by some of the pioneers of photography and video, including Polly Borland’s bodies wrapped in stockings, Nan Goldin’s personal and candid images of friends and a video by Cheryl Donegan examining clich.s of women’s sexuality. The images in this exhibition show how sex, love and loss are an animating part of the human experience.

The Body Electric includes works by Claire Lamb (Aus), Francesca Woodman (USA), Christine Godden (Aus), Carolee Schneemann (USA), Cheryl Donegan (USA), Collier Schorr (USA), Jo Ann Callis (USA), Petrina Hicks (Aus), Annette Messager (France), Lyndal Walker (Aus).

22 Jun - 26 Jan