The Abyss: Strategies in contemporary art

Curated by Naomi Evans. With the capacity to elicit simultaneous and complex experiences, artworks in this exhibition employ push-pull tensions of seduction and repulsion – towards the abject and informé, to the ornamental, erotic and transgressive, and those that consider historical grotesques to explore contemporary issues of race and identity.

Some artists have employed strategies to generate schisms in the psyche: those moments where understanding is stalled, language fails, where chimeras are registered, and where norms are transformed.

Legacies of boundary-challenging artists are apprehended in the context of the 21st century, and explore ways in which diverse Australian artists juxtapose and bind incongruent visual registers to contend with a world shaped by capitalist structures and where the idea of metamorphosis and slippage allows for tantalising ideas of change.

25 Jul - 28 Sep

Griffith University Art Museum

Griffith University, 226 Grey Street South Bank QLD 4101