Terra Incognita: A duck-billed what?

This is an exhibition of prints and three-dimensional objects that continues to explore contemporary cultural identity and the complexities of a cross-cultural position. Milojevic is a first generation Australian of German/Serbian parents, and for four decades he has engaged with the dilemma of growing up and belonging to three countries and finding a space ‘in between’, an imagined and unknown place constructed from collected stories of a homeland he never witnessed and is based instead upon memory, myth, fiction and fact.The synthesis of fact and fiction play a pivotal role in his practice, content that is informed and inspired by the aesthetics and visual language developed by 18th and 19th century engravers and naturalist artists. The fictitious flora and fauna are constructed through a combination of digital and traditional print technologies. Reference to engravings and woodcuts stems from his interest in the role these early prints played in disseminating visual information through compendiums and encyclopaedias. Opening 5 February.

6 Feb - 20 Mar

Devonport Regional Gallery

paranaple arts centre, 145 Rooke Street, Devonport TAS 7310