Encompassing collage, printmaking, sculpture, film, and installation, David Noonan’s practice draws upon an exhaustive image archive that conflates twentieth century avant garde and subcultural histories. Adopting a methodical approach to selection, Noonan seamlessly references theatre, film, design, architecture, dance and music from both eastern and western cultures.

For each work, images are carefully selected, manipulated and reconstructed through a nonlinear approach that re-presents history as an imagined present. Concurrently, Noonan’s production draws from traditional art and craft-making practices as well as contemporary processes, collapsing numerous techniques into intricate and detailed works, regardless of medium.

Alongside his rigorous research process, figuration and formal considerations are central to Noonan’s constructed scenes. Subjects are often strategically solitary and haunted, even when they appear in groups. The results emanate deeply psychological and existential qualities.

27 Aug - 28 Sep

Anna Schwartz Gallery

185 Flinders Lane Melbourne VIC 3000