Featuring work by Pierre Mukeba, Abdul Abdulla, Francis Tapueluelu, wãni Le Frére, Lisa Hilli, Lisa Waap for WEALTH and Peter Waples Crowe, Judy Watson, and Millie Yarran for STOLEN. A play on the recent term ‘stolenwealth’ to replace commonwealth, this show is a dual exhibition of STOLEN and WEALTH, that while separate are intended to be experienced together. STOLEN is a group exhibition of work by and about family estrangement due to government policies forcing relocation, separation, or resulting in orphanhood. WEALTH examines the accumulation of wealth by colonial powers and the impact of colonisation on those that have had their resources, including land, stolen from them.

10 Jun - 4 Aug

Wyndham Art Gallery

177 Watton Street Werribee VIC 3030