Spinifex Artists – On our Country

The landscape holds the culture of the Spinifex People, with story interwoven in song and dance, the country maps a tangible way forward for the people to reflect and learn upon. It is this country, this spiritual landscape that defines and permeates the artists’ work.

The nuclear tests in the 1950s directly displaced the Spinifex People and it would be over thirty years before their traditional lands were finally returned to them, and they were able to again access the country that formed them from birth.

Although abstract in appearance, each artwork holds part history, part ceremony and part country. The artists read the scene from a sense of belonging, of being interwoven into the fabric of the landscape they create. On our Country is a major statement by Spinifex Artists, on view at Japingka Gallery.

6 Nov - 21 Dec

Japingka Gallery

47 High Street Fremantle WA 6160