Creeping into MAGNT is an exciting exhibition that will give you an eight-eyed insight into the amazing world of spiders.

Opening this December, Spiders features fascinating exhibits and interactive displays, along with live spiders and nearly 200 additional specimens that will inspire curiosity about the natural world and give a sense of wonder about the animals themselves. The facts and myths about spiders will amaze you!

Come face to face with live arachnids like tarantulas, giant water spiders and deadly funnel-webs and redbacks. Explore all aspects of a spider’s life from their jaws, venom and nutrition to their reproduction and growth in different habitats.

Ever wondered how spiders see the world with multiple eyes? Do they see in colour? How does a spider make silk? And why do peacock spiders dance?

In this exhibition, jointly developed by the Australian Museum and Questacon – The National Science & Technology Centre, those questions and more will be answered through fully immersive interactive exhibits. You can ‘hold’ a virtual wolf spider in your hand or maybe you’d prefer to challenge a colourful peacock spider to a dance-off! Bravely step into the web of a net-casting spider to get your photo taken or peer into the insides of a spider using 3D scanning technology.

15 Dec