Institute of Modern Art

Justine Youssef 

Somewhat Eternal 

Relationships to land and the endurance of rituals are central to the work of Darug/Sydney-based artist Justine Youssef. Her multi-sensory installation, Somewhat Eternal, reveals the manifold impacts of displacement, and considers our complicity in reproducing these conditions. For generations, Youssef’s family have used their knowledge of the ecology of their village in Lebanon to survive famine and military occupation, and to heal everyday ailments and misfortunes. Central to the exhibition is a three-channel video documenting Youssef’s aunt performing R’sasa, a practice of clearing the ‘evil eye’ using molten lead, sourced from bullets that can be found in abundance in the region. Somewhat Eternal expands from familial narratives to consider broader cycles of dispossession. Through the maintenance of cultural practices, now fragmented and altered across geographies, lies belief in the alternatives and futures they offer us.

20 January—7 April

Institute of Modern Art

420 Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley QLD 4006