Rowan Conroy’s practice is informed by an interdisciplinary experience of field archaeology, and the multifaceted nature of photography as memory aid, historical resource and a reflective form of art. Over the past decade, Conroy has focused on picturing place and history through the photographic tradition of landscape and the digital print. The camera’s eye has the ability to render details, whether beautiful or unsightly, within the same frame and posit them equal in ontological relevance.

Sightseeing highlights the dense and discordant histories that can inhabit an image through the visual evidence of material culture and human intervention in the land. With several bodies of work investigating sites across Cyprus, Turkey, Syria, and Lake George in NSW, Australia, this photographic exhibition represents the ancient past and the most recent incursions of the present.

In 2017 Conroy was awarded the Create NSW Regional Arts Fellowship.

12 Jul - 7 Sep

Goulburn Regional Art Gallery

Civic Centre, 184 Bourke Street Goulburn NSW