STALA Contemporary

Alana McVeigh and Mardi Crocker

Shimmering in a Transformed Light

Sharing an affinity for the overlooked and the genre of the still life, Crocker’s painted works and McVeigh’s ceramics pay quiet attention to the ubiquitous forms populating much of our daily lives. Gesturing toward the potential and affects such awareness can uncover, the artists enact careful attention to form, light and the materiality of their mediums. In borrowing from Rosemary Lloyd’s Shimmering in a Transformed Light: Writing the Still Life in which Lloyd assembles an anthology of painted and written objects, here the title is used to assemble and describe painted and ceramic works that respond to each other, informing their making, and transforming the ubiquitous and the overlooked.

18 Mar - 17 Apr

STALA Contemporary

12 Cleaver Street, West Perth WA, Australia