Shapeshifters: transformative forms

Shapeshifters: transformative forms explores works of art within the context of the notion of shapeshifting. Typically the stuff of myth and folklore, Shapeshifters possess the ability to change their appearance at will, assuming unexpected forms and existing between the physical and the spiritual. Artworks that appear to display such attributes challenge the viewers perspectives and perceptions.

Colour and shape that dance and move across the surface of works all at once converging in kaleidoscopic patterns, optical pushes and pulls that play on ambiguities of colour and form, and meditative landscapes caught in a constant state of flux; through sculpture, paintings, ceramics and photography selected from the Collections held at Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre, Shapeshifters: transformative forms reveals expressions suggestive of the morphing nature of shapeshifting.

19 Jul - 30 Aug