Institute of Modern Art

Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan


Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan create largescale artworks that engage with ideas of home, family, memory, sustainability, migration, and Australia–Asia relations. The husband-and-wife team create collaborative installations, where these notions can be processed and explored, utilising materials and objects that are embedded with cultural, historical, and social narratives.

In this newly commissioned installation, a focus on Filipino textile and fibre traditions expands on the Aquilizan’s existing practice. Emblematic of their collective and community-centred approach to making, the duo have collaborated with weavers from different parts of the Philippine archipelago to create a largescale installation from intricate fibre work. The weavings include piña cloth made from the leaves of pineapple plants. Assembled together, the fabrics are layered with hand-embroidered symbolism evoking stories, connections and places and histories embodied within the translucent materials.

9 Oct - 18 Dec

Institute of Modern Art

420 Brunswick Street Fortitude Valley QLD 4006