Salone del Mobile

First coined by Marcel Duchamp in 1931 to describe the instruments of Alexander Calder, the term ‘mobile’ refers to an ensemble of balanced parts moving simultaneously yet independently of one another. When interpreted as a pun however it could represent one’s motive or what prompted an action or crime.

The mobile may be considered a naive device. Neither determined nor determining, its spatial operation is dependent on external forces inviting accident and uncertainty. Gathering an array of spatial practitioners operating outside of the traditional design services to construct a hanging apparatus in the Tin Sheds, Salone del Mobile [SYD] challenges preconceptions about the architect’s role, imagining how cultural or creative production may be established without a building. Representing spatial agendas unique to each creator, its hanging armatures support live and 1:1 acts of disciplinarity. Together, these mobiles represent an assemblage of parts – a divergent network of overlaid ideas emerging from alternative practice in Sydney.

Selone del Mobile is a student lead exhibition by recent Master of Architecture graduate: Gracie Grew.

22 February—16 March

Tin Sheds Gallery

Wilkinson Building (G04), School of Architecture, Design and Planning, 148 City Road, Darlington NSW 2008, Australia