Tin Sheds Gallery

Group Exhibition

Reverse Archaeologies

Signalling a natural extension of a long tradition of mutual spatial and material influence between art and architecture, an exhibition of new works by practitioners between these disciplines investigate the history and teleology of casting forms, architectural fragmentation and site-specific sculptures. The act of casting site specific material, historic plaques, monuments, and architectural surfaces in clay, plaster, silicon, glass, metal, bronze & brick carries significant social and cultural meaning. By replicating structures in tangible materials, we preserve their memory and history for future generations. Here in reverse, a narrative is concealed, transferred into a coded surface or becomes a sculptural object. The process of casting itself represents a form of homage and reverence to the original structure or object, paying tribute to its cultural and historical memory.

Artists: Orson Heidrich, Jesse Hogan, Kate Newby, Byron Bourke Technical, Academic & Curatorial Support By Guillermo Fernández-Abascal, Prof. Jane Gavan, Stephanie Berlangieri, Dr. Michael Mossman. Publication Design Public Office, Paul Mylecharane. Sponsorship The Brick Pit, Keane Ceramics.

1 August—20 September

Tin Sheds Gallery

Wilkinson Building (G04), School of Architecture, Design and Planning, 148 City Road, Darlington NSW 2008, Australia