Latrobe Regional Gallery

Group Exhibition

Relay, Rewind, Replay

With: Chaco Kato, Karina Utomo, Owls of Nebraska (Anthea Williams, Pezaloom, Kate Zizys, Kim McDonald, Anthony Brandon)

The artists in Relay, Rewind, Replay broadcast a kaleidoscope of channels of connecting, being and becoming. Through a series of live and recorded movements, mediums and gestures, this group exhibition spans several galleries at Latrobe Regional Gallery, pushing the potential of individual and collective art processes. Giving space to poetic interventions in place and time, this show seeks to map out a wide range of innovative and experimental artistic practices, providing us with unique windows into future modes of distribution, communication, and exchange.

7 October—28 January

Latrobe Regional Gallery

138 Commercial Road Morwell VIC 3840