Bayside Gallery

Group Exhibition

Refuge, Workshop, Stage, Site: Billilla Artist Studios 2022-23

Refuge, workshop, stage, site: Billilla artist studios 2022-23 includes a selection of works by artists who were the recipients of a 12-month studio at Brighton’s historic mansion Billilla in 2022 and 2023. Featuring the work of Yvette Coppersmith, Sarah crowEST, Carolyn Cardinet, Noni Drew, Marie Honore, Sean McDowell and Steffie Wallace.

The opening event includes a performance by 2023 Billilla studio artist William Vyvyan Murray, an internationally renowned musician and composer with a varied practice. Murray will perform a program of classical pieces as well as original contemporary compositions on the viola.

16 November—25 February

Bayside Gallery

Corner Carpenter and Wilson Streets Brighton VIC 3186