Rapid Eye Movement

During sleep, our brains move through five different phases. One of these is rapid eye movement (REM) where our eyes move quickly in various directions. It is here where most dreams occur, influencing our memory and mood. In an unexpected time of closure, separated from bodies, place and community, sleep has new meaning and materiality. It shapes our consciousness, movement, and social interactions.

As the city stops, our dreams have exploded, populating our minds with unlimited visions and utopic desire. Rapid Eye Movement asks how we imagine and live through time, space, and our bodies, even as bureaucracy contains us. Catch these ideas in your waking hours at Wyndham Art Gallery in an exhibition guest curated by Timmah Ball and Raina Peterson, presenting the work of a range of artists exploring these possibilities.
Curated by Timmah Ball and Raina Peterson.
Opening 20 January, 6.30–8.30 pm.

20 Jan - 6 Mar