Queer Economies

Queer Economies at the Centre for Contemporary Photography forms part of a multi-site exhibition and public program series, which takes its cue from the handmade artworks and objects that queer artist and activist David McDiarmid gifted to friends and loved ones during his lifetime. Following in McDiarmid’s generous logic, Queer Economies explores the non-monetary, in-kind economies that emerge within LGBTQIA+ communities, in order to foster resilience, love and connection.

Queer Economies at CCP presents a series of contemporary video works by Australian LGBTQIA+ artists, visible on the Night Projection Window seven nights a week after dark. Engaging with artists working across digital media and the moving image, Queer Economies at CCP activates the public sphere to explore the social and political potentialities of a ‘queer economy’. Following from the highly divisive public discussions around LGBTQIA+ lives in Australia in 2017, these video works gather around enunciations of queer subjectivity to infiltrate and co-opt the public commons.

In addition to the works presented on the CCP Night Projection Window, Queer Economies encompasses a curated exhibition of newly commissioned artworks by Australian LGBTQIA+ artists to be presented at Bus Projects; a community-led open call exhibition at St Heliers Street Gallery, Abbotsford Convent inviting the LGBTQIA+ community to contribute an artwork ‘gift’ to someone to whom they are grateful; and a multi-site series of coactive public programs and events taking place during the Midsumma festival period.

24 Dec - 30 Jan

Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP)

404 George Street Fitzroy VIC 3065