Puthurraka Mpaa (Proper Talk)

Ngai Kalkutungu yuru (I am a Kalkadoon man). Kalkatungu describes the language and Indigenous people from the Mt. Isa region in north-west Queensland. Kalkatungu is the proper pronunciation while “Kalkadoon” is the anglicised version. Kalkadoon has become the name for our people who share common lands, customs and beliefs. Having grown up in Townsville I am also part of this community, as are many Kalkadoon people. Puthurraka Mpaa means “proper talk” in the Kalkadoon language. Talking properly is talking respectfully, truthfully and with good manners.”… ~ Ricky Emmerton

Ricky Emmerton’s paintings for Puthurraka Mpaa are part of his Masters of Philosophy in Creative Arts at James Cook University. The university project is titled “Awakening Kalkadoon Art: A New Dreaming,” which involves researching Kalkadoon art and culture. The project aim is to find a balanced approach to researching family knowledge combined with and compared to historical, anthropological and archaeological studies.

The paintings combine the styles of Kalkadoon rock art, body art and artifact decoration. The first three paintings on cardboard document the designs, symbols and patterns recorded by the anthropologist W. E. Roth in the 1890’s. Emmerton wanted his work to be more archivally-sound so began to paint on canvas. Also at this time, he was fortunate to reconnect with his Uncle Jimmy.

10 Jun - 10 Jul

Umbrella Studio Contemporary Arts

482 Flinders Street Townsville QLD 4810