Project 34: Asad Raza

Kaldor Public Art Project 34 presents a new work by New York-based artist Asad Raza. Raza’s project, developed in consultation with biologists and environmental scientists, will comprise an installation with organic elements that will mediate interactions in the space, setting the scene for collaborations, rituals, and conversations.

As part of the project, Raza will invite a number of Australian artists to develop interventions of their own within the project space. Focusing on dialogue and collaboration, these artist interventions may take the form of installations, performances or experiments, reflecting an exchange with each individual artist.

The exhibition will evolve and change throughout its duration and a dedicated group of interlocutors will inhabit and take care of the space, as well as interact with visitors as they navigate the conditions of the work.

3 May - 19 May


245 Wilson Street (corner Codrington Street) Eveleigh NSW 2016