POWER – The Future is Here

POWER – The Future is Here is the result of a collaboration between artist Dennis Golding and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students from Alexandria Park Community School, and curated by Kyra Kum-Sing. The superhero capes were created during a workshop in 2020, led by Golding who was an artist in residence at the school through Solid Ground.

Students from kindergarten to year 12 designed their capes with iconography informed by their lived experiences and cultural identity. As superheroes, Golding and his young collaborators are empowered and reminded of the strength of their culture in forming their identity and connection to Country.

Individually and together, the capes critique social, political and cultural representations of contemporary First Nations experience.

6 July—13 October

Maitland Regional Art Gallery

230 High Street Maitland NSW 2320